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Sleep Apnea in Greenwood, MS

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder that can become a very serious health problem in some people. Sleep Apnea can completely disrupt a person's circadian rhythm and affect mood and energy levels, even impairing performance at work and personal relationships for some. When it comes to good mental health, sleep is the most important component.
Custom mouthpiece — Dental Clinic in Greenwood,, MS

Customized Mouthpieces for Better Breathing in Sleep

One of the most notable characteristics of Sleep Apnea is snoring loudly. Lifetime Dental PLLC will build a custom mouthpiece that offers our patient the ability to sleep comfortably and breath more easily throughout the night without loud snoring or long pauses without breath.

With Lifetime Dental PLLC, we can design and fabricate a mouthpiece to help with sleep apnea breathing, and normally all in one visit! We can also repair and restore an existing mouthpiece if it breaks.
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