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Dental Technology in Greenwood, MS

The dentists at Lifetime Dental, PLLC offer many generations of experience and understand that oral health procedures can be stressful. It can happen that patients scheduling cleanings may discover they need a root canal in the near future. At Lifetime Dental, PLLC it is our mission to provide our patients with the finest dental care and to use the more current technology to ease the concerns of our patients. Below are more details on how our integrated technology will make your appointment more relaxing.

Waterlase Technology

Your mouth is filled with nerve endings, which can make some dental procedures painful, such as filling cavities or extracting wisdom teeth. Our solution to your pain is Waterlase technology. Waterlase uses a mixture of water, lasers, and air while treating your teeth. This machine is used for specific procedures, such as extractions so that you will not feel pressure or pain. The water cools your mouth while lasers perform the work.

CEREC Innovations

Previously, you would be fitted for crowns and dentures at one appointment and had to return for another appointment for the final product. Lifetime Dental, PLLC has invested in CEREC technology to allow us to fit and finalize your custom crowns and caps in just on appointment. We are able to ensure our patients receive high-quality materials with this in-house technology. We have found our patients appreciate this streamlined process because it helps boost confidence in their appearance while allowing them to eat properly again. Ask us about the CEREC technology during your next visit for more information.

Galileos 3D Imaging

At Lifetime Dental, PLLC we have introduced an advanced CBCT imaging device to our patients that allows the fabrication of 3D image for any area of the mouth. With 3D Imaging, we are able to offer superior image quality along with a low radiation dose. Using a 3D image, we are able to gain greater certainty and make difficult diagnoses easier.