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Orthodontic Services in Greenwood, MS

Braces not only restore a beautiful smile, but also align your bite for improvement in oral health. With Lifetime Dental PLLC, you can get the follow types of braces, depending on your situation:
  • Traditional Braces
  • Clear Correct Braces
  • 6-Month Braces
Whatever type of braces you receive, they will keep your smile beautiful and healthy.
Brace — Dental Clinic in Greenwood,, MS

Braces for All Ages

At Lifetime Dental PLLC we offer braces to our patients of many different ages. It is never too late for a straightened smile and aligned molars and incisors for that perfect bite. Many adults are now wearing braces for a time and live with a brighter smile to last their lifetime.

The time you spend wearing braces has been significantly reduced for some patients. Braces are not just something for children or teens anymore.
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